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BN B2 - Rules Instruction car

This car has undergone more changes than Superman, it entered the BN era as a former GN Company Service car, becoming a BN Company Service car - (B2). After a rebuilding in 1974, it was changed from Company Service to Business Car status and numbered the BNA-11. It remained this way for eight years, until it's 1982 rebuilding when it went back into Company Service as the B12 this time. Lasting for seven years this time, it resumed it's Business Car number and status where it remains to this day (so far). This listing is for it's time as the B2 only.

Car NoColorDate changedLocationFormerlyNow
BN B2orn/grn03/01/1970
GN B-2 (1085)BN B-2
BN B2grn/wht03/01/1971
BN B-2BN B-2
BN B2grn/wht03/01/1974
BN B-2Deschutes River
BN B2(Changed to Business Car BNA-11)

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