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Burlington Northern Business Cars (BNA-7)

Built in 1912 for the former Frisco railroad, this car was painted in their standard red(Mandarin Orange) and white scheme when the Frisco was merged with the BN in 1980. Within a year this car was repainted into the standard BN business car scheme of green & white, named the Canadian River and acquired the "COMPASS" number BNA-7. Two years later, this car was rebuilt, emerging with a new paint job, black w/no white stripe, and acquiring the name of BNA-8's car "Kootenai River" (we don't know why either?). BNA-8 was then changed to this car's former name "Canadian River". This car lasted this way through the BN and AT&SF merger until the early 2000's, when it was painted silver and changed into the "Kootenai River Research & Test car"

Car NoColorDate changedLocationFormerlyNow
BNA-7Canadian River
BNA-7Click here for a diagram page of this car after '82 remodeling.
BNA-7black6/16/91 AuroraKootenai Riverremodeled/renamed-'82
BNA-7silver10/5/06WhitefishKootenai RiverResearch & Test car

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