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BNA 26 - Lake Superior

Built by Budd in 1958 for the NP's North Coast Limited, this car continued in this service, through the BN merger, up until the creation of Amtrak.  In their effort to cut costs, the North Coast Limited was combined with the Milwaukee's Hiawatha to become the "North Coast Hiawatha". With this combining of trains came an excess of cars, so BN retained this car for future use. Finally in 1982 this car was pulled from storage and rebuilt for the Business car fleet.

Do not confuse this car with the former GN diner "Lake Superior".

Car NoColorDate changedLocationFormerlyNow
BNA 26grn/wht08/31/85 Kansas CityNP-459Lake Superior
BNA 26blk/crm / /

Lake Superior
BNA 26blk/crm07/01/93

Lake Superior

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