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BNA-24 - Glacier View

This 85' full-dome car started out as a product of the Budd company for the GN's re-equipped 1955 Empire Builder. Arriving in the orange/green "EB" scheme, it was repainted in 1968 into the pre-merger green/white "hockey stick" scheme as a test for eventual repainting of the entire fleet once the BN merger happened (this car was never painted BSB). After the merger, this car continued in Empire Builder service, right through Amtrak service on the "Builder", still in the "hockey stick" scheme, albeit with an Amtrak number. It was eventually repainted silver with the red&blue stripes to match the rest of the Amtrak fleet. In 1979 Amtrak brought out a new series of cars, the "Superliners", and retired most if not all of the old cars in their fleet. BN saw this as a great opportunity to acquire this car and make it their 'signature' car of the business car fleet. During it's 1982 rebuilding, it acquired theater seating and a full glass window for the rear of the car, oh yeah, it was painted back to green & white again too. In 1993, this was one of the first cars to be painted into the black and cream "Executive" scheme, being done at that same time as the first of the new SD-70MAC's started arriving in this same paint scheme. In 1997, this car was again one of the first ones to be painted into the now standard all silver cars.

Click here for a diagram page of this car after its 1982 remodeling.

Car NoColorDate changedLocationFormerlyNow
GN-1390Glacier View
BNA-24grn/wht08/31/85Kansas City
Glacier View
Glacier View
Glacier View
Glacier View

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