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Burlington Northern Business Cars (BNA-18)

BNA-18 was one of the former 56 seat coaches that the GN acquired from the C&NW in the 60's. When the merger happened in 1970 and Amtrak was created in 1971, there were many more cars to use than Amtrak would require in it's much paired down network, and these cars were not bought by Amtrak. These cars were in too good of shape to scrap, so BN distributed them throughout it's system of wreck trains, assigning one to each wrecker, and retiring much older personnel carrying cars, formerly assigned to those trains. Because of the advent of more lodging facilities and highways, more and more of the work trains were not needed anymore, and these cars were rendered surplus for a second time. This particular car was being held in reserve, in case of damage to any of it's brothers or the need to create additional wreck trains. When it became obvious that wreck trains were on the decline and this car would not be needed, it was rebuilt in the mid 80's and placed into business train service as BNA-18. This car was used previously in various company service trains, but not officially transferred into business car status until the mid 80's. It's disposition is unknown at this time.

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