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The July 2016 (24 pages) issue contains:

  • Dinky Ballet at Fairview Avenue:
    A chronology of commuter operation at one station on BNSF's Chicago Metra line in May, 2015, with color photos of each of 31 commuter trains passing by in a two hour period. Includes an afternoon Metra timetable, track diagram near the station, and photo of the station.

  • Then & Now:
    Portland, OR Union Station area in 1980 and 2010; Wahkaikus, WA in 1981 and 2010, all in B&W.

  • BN Pacific Days 1974-79:
    A long article about Dave Burns' experience as Superintendent of the Pacific Division of the Seattle Region during that time period. Includes several B&W and color photos of train action along the Division and a schematic map of the trackage in 1975 and 1979.

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