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The October 2014 (20 pages) issue contains:

  • 2014 Tulsa Convention Report
    A two page article, with 2 color photos, about the FOBNR convention in Tulsa, OK.

  • BN E Units in Chicago Commuter Service
    A short article, with roster data, locomotive specs, and color photos of all 25 E units that powered Chicago commuter trains (Dinkys) for almost 20 years. Included are photos of rare occurences, like an E unit pulling a BN passenger special, E units pointing east, and triple-header trains.

  • The Inside Story
    A reprinting of two more articles from the International-Stanley Corporation that devoted an entire issue of its Spring/Summer 1971 company newsletter to matters pertaining to the BN. Included in this issue are two biographical articles on BN's early top managers, and "People are the Backbone", an article about the Omaha region in 1971 and its head, Richard Beulke, and "Small in Size...Great in Promise", an article about the Portland Region and its head, Harry Surles.

  • Modeling an E9 in O Scale
    A short article, with black&white and color photos, on how to model an E9 used in Chicago commuter service.

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